1. Why do I need my makeup done for my wedding?

You’re spending $4,000+ on your photographer who will be taking pictures of your face all day! I’ve heard too many horror stories of brides who wanted to “be nice” and let a family friend do their makeup. I’ve also heard stories about brides who really couldn’t spend any more money for makeup. I’ve always said the 3 most important things for a bride are her dress, hair, and makeup. If you’re investing so much into photographs, you should hire professionals to ensure you will love your pictures. Also, bridal makeup is geared more towards photography makeup to balance with light and to compensate for the length of the event as well as the makeup that is is “taken off” by the camera’s flash. Otherwise, all of your investments could go out the window.

Also, it’s the ONE day of your life where you’re supposed to feel like a million dollars, so don’t neglect that beautiful face! Can you imagine Eva Longoria or Jessica Simpson stepping onto the red carpet without their makeup artist working magic? Exactly.

2. Why is the bride more expensive?

That is a great question, and there are a few reasons as to why the bride costs more. The wedding day is all about the bride getting a celebrity service. Our bridal package is built to include the artist(s) travel to your location (within 25 miles is included), we also spend more time on the bride, and she also gets a lip gloss and lip liner to take for the day. All others are charged very closely to in-studio makeovers.

3. Why should my bridal party get their makeup done?

Simply put, sometimes there is that one bridesmaid who uses too little or too much makeup. When everyone gets their makeup done, no one can skew the photos because everyone will look polished, beautiful, and in unison.

4. I had a makeup artist tell me that airbrushing is awful. Is that true?

No! Airbrushing is the most amazing thing ever. I’ve been asked this question so many times. It is my true opinion that whoever is pushing people away from airbrushing either A) isn’t good at it B) doesn’t own a machine so they can’t offer the service C) never did it and just wants to book you or D) all of the above.

Some women have also said, “I’ve had airbrushing and hated it.” Airbrushing, like all other makeup, is an art. There are good makeup artists and other, not-so-good artists. There are also different types of airbrushing. I only use a silicone based formula which adheres to the skin so lightly and beautifully. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup and it is extremely long-lasting. It also doesn’t get as “cakey” as regular makeup and does not enhance wrinkles and fine lines.

5. I have green eyes, so I should wear certain makeup colors, right?

No! Nothing bothers me more than hearing girls at makeup counters dictate what eye shadow colors women should wear based on their eyes. I, myself, have blue eyes and will wear whatever colors I feel like wearing, and you should do the same! I can’t imagine only wearing purple and grey on my eyes. I love to mix it up. Makeup is all about art and creativity. I always tell my clients: Pick whatever colors you desire, it’s all about finding the right shades of the colors that fit your style and look.

6. Why is my mineral foundation making me break out?

I hate to say this, but I find this whole “mineral” makeup craze to be a marketing technique that just got lucky. Mineral makeup is NOT for everyone, and in my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend it for most clients. Mineral foundations, especially, are great for mature clients or people with dry, dull skin. If you have an oily or combination skin type, be aware. It can cause your skin to produce excess oils and cause serious shine and bigger breakouts. I’ve also found, from many reviews, that it doesn’t stay on very well.