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Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Getting Spray Tanned By Dina's Kiss and Make-Up

Our girl Dina from 'Dina's Kiss and Make-Up' in Hoboken, NJ came by to give us all perfect sun kissed glows before we head off to #ElvisRocksMexico!...Read More

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Tips for a Flawless Spray Tan

It's spray tan season but there is such a stigma around getting one that many people are afraid of what they will look like. If you've seen the episode of Friends where Ross gets a spray tan, I don't blame you for being afraid...Read More


Kiss and tell with "Dina's Kiss and Makeup" - NJ's hottest makeup line

With all the makeup choices available to women today it’s hard to determine what the best product for the best value is. This is where "Dina’s Kiss and Makeup" comes in....Read More

Hoboken Girl

The Spray Tan Chronicles: Air Brush Tan at Dina’s Kiss and Makeup Cosmetics

On Friday, I took my pale legs and went to Dina’s Kiss and Makeup at 57 Newark Street in Hoboken for an airbrush tan. ....Read More