What is airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning, also known as sunless or UV-free tanning, is an easy, safe alternative to traditional tanning. It is applied in a fine mist and reacts with your skin tone to turn you a gorgeous bronze color. At DKM, we use the highest quality formula with eco-cert DHA.

What do I do before my tan?

You must shower and exfoliate within 24 hours of your appointment. This is to remove as much dead skin as possible which will make your tan as even as possible. Also avoid excessive lotions, deodorants, perfumes, and anything else that could block your tan. Please wear or pack dark, loose-fitting clothing to wear after your tan has been applied.

What are my options?

We offer two different solutions. The Regular Tan has a dry time of 8-12 hours. Depending on how much color we apply, it lasts anywhere up to 7-10 days. The Rapid Tan has a 2-6 hour dry time. I love this option because you are really in the driver’s seat with this color. You can start watching it after 2 hours and decide if you want it to keep developing. If at any point you want the color to stop, just hop in the shower for a quick warm-water rinse.
We also offer airbrush tanning for body builders.

What do I wear during my tan?

We provide hair caps, disposable thongs, nose filters, and strapless bras. Most women wear a bottom and nothing on top to avoid lines. Women may also choose no lines at all, but an undergarment must be worn my men.

What does the tanning procedure entail?

Once you have prepared yourself in the room with disposables and lotion on your palms and wherever else you prefer (toes, nail, elbows, etc.), you call your technician in to begin. In about 6-8 minutes, the mist is applied all over. After it is done, we put a timer on with fans for you to dry for about 8 minutes. Once the timer goes off, you can change into dark, loose-fitting clothing.

How do I take care of my tan?

Once your tan has gone through the drying time, rinse off and moisturize. Then you can go about all activities as your normally would, including going to the gym, swimming, etc. Avoid long hot showers, waxing, excessive shaving and exfoliating, and be sure to pat dry when you get out of the shower. Certain soaps such as Dove are known to take off the tan a bit faster, so pay attention to your products and how they’re reacting with your color. We perform the tan entirely in circular motions so nice lines can be formed, so if you do have a line or streak, please be mindful to your post-tan activities. A line or streak means there was an issue with certain clothing or water hit the tan. Most little imperfections look totally even after they are showered off, so don’t drive yourself crazy during the drying time =)

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