I’d like to thank you for visiting my website. It’s my way of displaying my artistry to the world! I started off in 2006 doing makeup, and decided later on to expand my skillset and begin a career in haircrafting, as well.

I had always experimented with makeup, but I never intended on making it my career. In fact, my mother always used to bug me to put “just a little mascara” on my eyelashes. With much complaining and refusal, she always lost- but look where that got me! At the age of 12, I started getting cystic acne which was not only embarrassing, but it affected my self-esteem. It was then I discovered “Dermablend” cosmetics for my face. My skin was so bad that I had to use their “Leg & Body Cover” intended for tattoos and rosacea!

I felt like a whole new person once my skin looked normal, and that’s where my love affair with makeup began. In 8th grade I began experimenting with eye color. I took a shot in the dark buying a blue CoverGirl eyeshadow quad. I just remember trying really hard to make it look good, and one boy at school said it looked “hot” so I was sold for good on this whole “makeup” thing.

After high school I found a local makeup class that sounded like a lot of fun. I spent my 18th birthday in class and I knew then that I wanted to be a makeup artist. Less than a year later, I was trained as an employee, and was flying around the country teaching this 40 hour seminar to hundreds of other makeup artists. I was lucky enough to teach in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Miami, Philadelphia, and New York City. After that, I continued freelancing, finished college, and worked on a movie, a couple music videos, and many weddings.

I had also worked at some of the most popular makeup counters, but I knew I had to be by own boss. Counters also didn’t allow me to work on brides due to scheduling. I quickly left to start my own business, rather than working for someone else’s.

Finally, I got to make my dream come true of creating a makeup line. DKM Cosmetics is everything I’ve wanted in a line. As an artist, I would always critique other products and say, “I wish this, I wish that…” and now I have it available! Everything from my line is hand-selected by me and I’m so happy to offer it to others. It is really crafted towards makeup artists as well as the everyday woman. The products are versatile and deliver beautiful results.

After a couple years of developing the line, I found my shop in Hoboken at 57 Newark St. I was walking by and signed the least two days later on my birthday!

As stated, I decided to dive into the hair industry and I love it! I am proud to say I can deliver a hair AND makeup overhaul instead of just one. I studied at Capri Institute in Paramus, NJ. I also had the pleasure of taking classes at the famous John Sahag Workshop on Madison Avenue where I learned their signature technique of dry haircutting. I also took hands-on classes with the world-renowned “King of Updos,” Martin Parsons in which I learned countless formal styles.

After almost a year of planning and renovations at the shop, I’m so happy to be offering all of these services. Now Dina’s Kiss & Makeup can really provide a one-stop shop for airbrush tanning, makeup, and hair! “Makeup is not simply about vanity- it’s an art form that invokes emotion. A face without makeup is a blank canvas, and my job is to create a masterpiece.” –Dina

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